Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunday Boating

Kathy's Mom stayed with us on Saturday night, and Sunday morning the three of us, together with the dogs, headed to Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland. There, we met up with Kathy's Dad, who had boated down from New York (where he had stored the boat over the winter at the end of last year's travels). Mom had brought provisions, and was all set to join Dad for a couple of weeks of scooting around the Eastern Shore. Together we did lunch, then loaded the boat. Afterwards, we climbed aboard for a bit of motoring together, enjoying the hot and hazy, but quite lovely, afternoon. While Junebug wasn't too happy about being on a boat, she stayed below deck and out of trouble. After about 90 minutes, Mom and Dad dropped us off on the dock and headed on their way. Photowise on the day, there was only one critter truly worth sharing, and that's the blue heron.

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Jake said...

Great pics--very cool.