Thursday, June 09, 2005

Securing Our Country

If you travel much by plane, by now you've probably gotten used to the hassle of going through airport security. Sure it's inconvenient, and the random searches seem particularly silly when they single out people who would never in a million years be a terrorist, but at least they're trying (and one could say they're succeeding, as there have been no successful post-9/11 airplane-based terrorist attacks). Wouldn't it be nice if the folks manning the U.S. border were undertaking similar measures? For example, maybe they'd stop someone carrying a bloody chainsaw, a hatchet, a knife, and a homemade sword from entering the country. Then again, such an individual is more likely to be a homicidal maniac than a terrorist, so maybe it is more important to check airplane-bound old ladies in wheelchairs.


David Lifton said...

Matt sent me that link with the caption, "You would've thought somebody would've picked up something at some point."

Jeff said...

Just because there has not been an attack since the advent of the bumbling TSA does not imply that they are doing a good job. I believe, that like most gov't agencies, they are wasting lots of money on Security Theatre.

Unfortunately it seems that our border control is more worried about people transporting drugs across the border or coming into the country to seek a better life then they are about terrorists.