Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Odds Must Be Crazy

Turns out that friends of ours are also doing IVF, and are about 1.5 weeks behind us. We had gotten together for dinner while the women were taking their pre-procedure medications, and there was lots of comeraderie. Still, with our odds of success being ~40%, and theirs being ~25% (she's a couple of years older than Kathy), I later mentioned to Kathy that the odds weren't good that both couples would get pregnant -- in fact, the odds were 45% that neither couple would get pregnant, 45% that one would, and just 10% that both succeed. I pointed this out to Kathy because of the realization that there could be a strain on the friendship if one couple was successful and the other wasn't.

Today we found out that they are also pregnant, so the 1 in 10 chance happened. Hurray!


kat said...

you know what that means - it's TOTALLY time to buy a powerball ticket!

Todd said...

... I'd suggest that you buy that belt-sander you've been eyeing. :)