Sunday, June 12, 2005

Feeling Lazy

Don't really feel like writing anything new today, but if you're in need of a fix of my writing, RateBeer published an article of mine this past week on the philosophy of giving a beer a perfect score. Despite that description, it really is lightweight stuff, no need to be a beer geek to read it.

Have a nice remainder of your weekend.


Mary said...

Thanks for that link! I enjoyed your article, and then of course had to go find the rating scale, which led me to a list of rated beers, and from then meandered around for a bit. I noted that my favourite beer (Caffrey's) got a mediocre to poor rating, and my backup beer (Kilkenney) wasn't on there at all: now I'm curious to taste some of those with 4+ ratings. Assuming one can find them.

aaron said...

Mary, I'm not sure where in Ontario you live, but a number of excellent beers are available. Some of the LCBOs have decent quality. For example, this one -- -- in Ottawa. RateBeer's Places section might be able to help you.

Also, if you can find it in a bottle in Canada, I can promise you it's on RateBeer -- Kilkenny gets a very respectable score, but to see it you have to know how to spell it ;) --