Friday, June 10, 2005

Avoiding Déjà Vu

The scene this morning seemed pretty familiar -- dinner with friends (the same ones as before) followed up by too much ice cream, followed by waking up around 4am unable to sleep. But this time I was determined that things would be different (it helped that my stomach was fine). Instead of going upstairs to play on the computer, I rolled out of bed around 5:15, grabbed some clothes and headed out the door. I figured that the best way to avoid injuring one's foot was to stay off the computer and go jogging.

After dropping off some library books, I walked down to the Mall intending to do the roughly five-mile loop that I did most Sundays for a time last Fall before the weather got too cold. During that time, I'd walk about a third, jog a third, then finish up with another walk. I'd intended to pick it back up in the Spring, but somehow I never did. Now that it's ridiculously hot already (it was a sticky 75 while I did my walk this morning!), I suppose I probably won't do this regularly again until this Fall.

Today I was able to do all that I wanted, and more. I was worried that I'd gotten a bit out of shape during the relative inactivity caused by my ankle activity, but I was still able to jog slowly for well over a mile. I was worried about the ankle injury, but as long as I walk (or in this instance jog) without twists and without rolling onto the outside of my injured foot), I do fine. Sadly, being up before dawn wasn't much good scenerywise -- it was a thoroughly gray and overcast morning. Maybe it'll be better the next time I can't sleep.

Note to the non-urban folk: walking alone in the pre-dawn hours didn't give me a moment's pause.


Q said...

I'm awake and blogging at 6:30 a.m. I'm wearing my running gear, to ward off potential ankle injuries while I'm at the computer.

And I do plan to go for a run. Better make that soon, because it's already 20ºC (over 70ºF). (This is Canada, where it's supposed to be perpetually cold. Somebody's been messing with the thermostat.) Some lunatics run in the afternoon; I don't know how they do it, and I'm sure it's not good for their health.

I run about 4-5 kms. There are 3.1 kms in a mile, so this converts to ? umm, let me see ? carry the four ? yeah, it's about the equivalent of a marathon and it takes me 22 minutes.

Pretty good, huh?

Q said...

Oops, correction. 3.1 miles is equivalent to 5 kilometers. So 4-5 kms is not quite a marathon.

But you knew that already.