Monday, June 13, 2005

Obsidian Wings

I just wanted to spend a moment to encourage folks to check out Obsidian Wings (it's on my Blogroll), a collective of political-thinking intelligent folk, ranging from liberal to traditional (not neo-) conservative. While I relate most to hilzoy's perspective, there's good stuff from all of them, often on significant subjects to which I'd otherwise give no thought.

Especially noteworthy of late:
hilzoy on CAFTA
Charles Bird on Mugabe and Zimbabwe
von on the proposed Patent Reform Act of 2005

The substance I've found on blogs like Obsidian Wings is truly remarkable when compared with what I can find in newspapers, let alone TV (I stopped watching TV news for anything but election results years ago) -- Michael Jackson is not the most significant news story of today, no matter the press his trial is receiving.

Maybe those people who argue that blogs are ushering in a revolution in terms of access to information and analysis know what they're talking about. I can only hope.

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