Monday, March 14, 2005

Black Sweater 23

To give you perspective on how many sweaters Kathy has had, several years ago we gave a tour of our house to some friends. After seeing the piles of Kathy's sweaters in both our walk-through closet and the closets in the loft, one of the friends told us that after the tour, she dreamed that later we continued the house tour in our basement, and there she found shelves upon shelves of additional sweaters.

To her credit, Kathy is largely reformed as a sweateraholic. She has given away a number of her sweaters, and now rarely buys them. There are occasions such as this past Saturday, however, when I am reminded of her tendencies in this regard.

While getting ready to go to Delaware, Kathy was going through her black sweaters, and was upset that the sweater she wanted to wear was not there. Note that I did not say "going through her sweaters," but "going through her black sweaters." Upon seeing her distress, I had to count how many black sweaters she actually owns. The true number may never be revealed, but there were 22 black sweaters in that assemblage, plus the one she was seeking (which she eventually did find). Perhaps there is reason to have three black sweaters -- one can button, one can be crew neck, and one can be V-neck. Almost certainly there is a gender gap, and if so women can rush to her defense in explaining that there are other styles of which I am woefully ignorant, and no wardrobe can be complete with these other styles. But can anyone truly need 23 different black sweaters?

Coincidentally, today's Sherman's Lagoon seems right on point, especially after I made slight modifications:

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David Lifton said...

Look at it this way, with all those black sweaters, you should be thrilled that you don't have a wife with a severe dandruff problem. Do you know how many often Kim brushes snow off my United jerseys?

Nat&Jim said...

Hihihi - I understand - one can never have enough sweaters, nor shoes :-)
Nat aka Yogi