Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rate Your Life!

It seems that people, including myself, complain an awful lot when life can be pretty good. So I thought of a simple, one-question quiz -- Rate your life on a scale of 1-10. No defined parameters or anything -- just do it.

For me:
Relationship is excellent
Work sucks
Lifestyle is quite good
Social life is a bit weak at present
Where I live is a love/hate relationship
Support System is good
Taking all these elements into account and weighting them according to how I see fit, I give my life a 7. If work didn't need to factor in, I think it'd be 8.5-9.


Daniel Heath said...

yes, but the important thing about any rating system is what units of things you use to do the rating. for instance, a hip-hop magazine might give an artist, say, two microphones out of five. a pest-control consortium might rate pest control products on a scale of one to ten cute anthropomorphized dead mice.

so the question is...

seven out of ten what?

aaron said...

Wow, that's a question I hadn't even considered -- I guess I was thinking in terms of movies, music and other such stuff, which just use something basic like stars. But you have spurred my creativity. Although I unfortunately cannot put a picture in the comment section, I think quality of life can be measured pretty well thusly:

So my life is 7 comfortably passed out dudes out of 10.

Debbie said...

My work sucks right now too Aaron, I know now that I went back too soon. It doesn't help that I work with about 30 women!!!!! My direct manager is a zero, my director over her is a zero. But everything else is going pretty well, even my hair growth! So I'd say about a 7.5 for me.