Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's Finally Here

The camera is here. I shipped it to Kathy's office (not allowed to come to mine), and when it arrived today, I had her open it to plug in the battery, so I could use it as soon as I got home. Finally, after three months of looking into getting one, there it was. Very comfortable to hold, but that big zoom is definitely going to take some getting used to (any motion you make is magnified 12 times). So here are some shots from today. The first two are of the funniest thing on my block:

And here are a couple of shots showing how powerful the optical zoom is (the second photo is the tree on the roof of the first photo):

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I think I'm going to be very happy with my camera.


Nat&Jim said...

Ohhh - nice! Seems like a great pick that camera!

I love the first two pictures - that would fit good in Jims sign collection.


Debbie said...

After all of your ruminating about which camera to get, i'm sure glad you're happy.

Anonymous said...

I hear that RateBeer is in need of more photographers... GET TO WORK!!!