Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's All in How You Ask

Kathy walks upstairs and heads for the futon where she's reading her book. As she takes her position there I smile at her, and she asks, "What?"
"Just looking at you, admiring your cleavage." The angle from the desk looking downward at her lying on her stomach and propped on her elbows provides a lovely view.
She smiles back.
I grab my camera -- "Maybe I should take a picture."
"Uh uh!"
"But it would just be for personal use."
"Well, would you rather I masturbate to you and your cleavage, or to some random chick I find on the internet?"
She quickly moves to give me a better angle for a photo.


Mary P. said...

LOL!! You blackmailer, you.

Todd said...

So... when are you posting the photo, pal? :)

Anonymous said...

No comment.