Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pulled in Different Directions

There's the possibility of getting pregnant this month with IVF, and all that would mean. There's the possibility of not getting pregnant this month, but pursuing more fertility options or adoption. And if we don't get pregnant this month, and say enough already, there's the possibility of keeping our lives roughly in the status quo, and the possibility of heading in a whole new direction. And there are seemingly endless possibilities as to the potential new directions.

(and no -- this is not how I look with a beard)

[update 4:35pm: breathe, relax, explain. It's just another month of uncertainty here, and every once in a while being stuck in neutral feels overwhelming, so we start revving our engines next to each other, which results in a feedback loop of us revving our engines even more and making even more noise, all the while wasting a lot of energy but not getting anyhere. I'm sure these posts are all too common around here. I know that waiting one more month will move us closer to resolving one of the above-mentioned possibilities, so I guess it's a matter of letting nature (and science) take its course. breathe, relax.]