Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marriage Manifesto

Yesterday we received a letter from good friends of ours. I thought it worth sharing, as it's one of the more unique announcements I've received:

Marriage Manifesto

For over 10 years now, we've been in a relationship that belonged to only us. No government or 3rd parties were involved. Nothing has been wrong with our relationship that a government contract could fix. I've always thought that the question, "Why don't you get married?" was akin to "Why don't you turn in circles 3x before you lie down?"

Furthermore, we didn't want to join an institution that is denied to ~10% of our brothers and sisters. Though we have had the option of the marriage bonus in the past, it hasn't been nearly as large, nor has it occurred during a time of such wasteful and immoral use of taxpayers' money. Also, student loan debt acquired during marriage could be strapped onto a surviving spouse or divorcé, whereas pre-marital debts don't follow the spouse.

As many of you know, I've been struggling with unemployment for over 7 months. You may have heard me lament that my tuition tax credits are going to waste because I'm too poor to pay taxes. It occurred to me that I could not use my credits but anyone (well, one man) who married me could. I was worth $3000 to whoever married me by Dec. 31st. It was a tough choice. I looked at how bad I needed the $$ and how much I didn't want to join an unnecessary and discriminatory institution. I also considered how the governemnt would spend the $3000. We decided to approach it as one might the terrorists. Hit them where it hurts. $3000 for us is $3000 less for the war and corporate subsidies.

We want to let you know we were married Dec. 29th. We would have loved to have a party but time did not permit. Maybe we'll have a Marriage Bonus Party when the check comes in.

Love, C & M
Congratulations to C & M -- I hope they're happy with their decision!