Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Living in Interesting Times

One of the things that always gives me pause whenever I think of leaving my job, even though I'm presently unhappy with it (and have been for some time), is the question of what I'd do instead. We've talked of moving, but always the question is, what would we do when we got there? Last week, I learned of an opportunity to head off in a completely different direction, and to tackle a new challenge, running my own business. I would take a major pay cut, work almost double the hours I do now, and time off (and travel) would be non-existent for the immediate future. In exchange for that, I'd be owner of a business that has been rapidly expanding, we'd move to somewhere we'd like to be, and I would be my own boss in a field that holds personal interest.

I have initiated contact with the current owner, and am looking into this possibility. I may ultimately decide against the purchase, or someone else might outbid me, but I feel like I'd be kicking myself if I didn't at least investigate. Kathy has been very supportive -- indeed, she's encouraged me to pursue this.

2006 could be a very interesting year indeed.