Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still a Work in Progress...

...but I wanted to share something that's mostly done, namely, the front of the house getting painted.

Here's a taste of what our house has looked like since we moved in (the one with the cherry tree in front of it, not the one with the flag) --

We'd been talking about painting the house for several years, but never had gotten around to it until this year. This was partly due to laziness, partly due to expense, and largely due to not knowing what color we wanted to paint it. The fact that neither of us were home during the day also played a role in it.

The work started almost a month ago, but with the bad weather, we'd been stuck with just the primer on it for a couple of weeks. Color started showing up this past Friday, and today they got most of the visible details finished (though most of the wrought iron still needs painting, as does the trim around the door). Now it looks like this --