Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Solid News

Kathy swears that some of the cracker ends up in Emelia's stomach, but I'm skeptical. Still, as you can see we've started introducing solids to Emelia. She wasn't too keen on Cheerios, but she really seems to enjoy the salt (or something) in the Ritz crackers.

We've found a nanny, for far more than we planned on paying. She interacted very well with Emelia at the interview, and all signs are that she's very good -- Kathy and I decided that these, and not the expense, are the things that are really important. The nanny's name is Avery, and she starts May 7, the day Emelia turns six months. It's almost like we're saying, "Happy half-year birthday -- you're officially old enough to be left with a stranger, so see ya!"

Kathy went part-time (Monday through Wednesday) as of last week -- she's already much happier with the balance between work and family.

While Kathy was home this past Thursday, I returned to work for the day. I'm also going in this Friday, then I return to regular schedule on May 3 (and with Kathy off on the 3rd and 4th, that's why we don't need the nanny until the 7th).