Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anyone Got a Sand Refill for an Hourglass?

I'm in the last three weeks of my paternity leave, and while it seems like it's been a long time, it's been far too short. Emelia keeps developing, and it's wonderful to be witness to it. She's sitting by herself pretty consistently, and the other morning she was able to push herself back upright after she had fallen too far forward (she still rolls onto her stomach when she falls sideways, and often bonks her head when she goes backwards (which is the most common way she falls)). She greedily eyes our liquids when we drink, and she loves it when one of us lets her drink water from a cup. She grabs onto whatever gets within her reach, and is interested in so much of her environment. Truly it's a special time, and I feel fortunate that I've been able to be here for so much of it, even as I want to keep doing this instead of going back to work.

Alas, I cannot stay here -- we can't afford to retire, so I need to continue to draw a paycheck. Kathy has decided to go to part-time -- she'll be working three days per week. We've found another family with whom to share a nanny (Jonah is three months younger, and it's amazing to see him and realize how much has transpired in Emelia's last three months), now all we need to do is find a nanny. We've sort of waited until the last minute, and I hope we're able to find someone good (and quickly). We've got a couple of promising leads, so we'll see what develops.