Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Iraq War Claims More American Casualties

In this case, however, the victims are residents of New Orleans. Of course Katrina played the most prominent role in the damage done to the city, but remember that New Orleans was spared the worst of the hurricane, because Katrina slowed a bit before landfall, it veered east at the last minute, and the west side of the storm was the weaker side. The biggest problem facing the city of New Orleans is a bit more indirect, i.e., the flooding due to the broken levees. So it's worth noting that to help pay for its unnecessary war in Iraq, the BA diverted millions of dollars from New Orleans flood control. No doubt the people of New Orleans are mighty grateful for the efforts to bring democracy to Iraq, as are soldiers and members of the Louisiana National Guard who are in Iraq and no longer worried about just themselves, but also about their families back home. Of course, if those National Guard members (from both Louisiana and Mississipi) in Iraq weren't overseas, they (and the equipment they took with them) would be working with their short-handed colleagues to deal with the aftermath of Katrina, as the National Guard has done traditionally in times of emergencies.

Fortunately, the President was doing all he could yesterday to address the growing crisis in Louisiana and Mississippi.