Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toy Story

I think I've always personified various objects that have a purpose, and it somewhat saddens me when they cannot achieve their purpose. Consequently, the movie Toy Story will always have a place in my heart.

These days, that movie seems much more real, as Emelia has dozens of toys, many of which are neglected in favor of others. Kathy collected some of the hardly used ones for giving away, but unfortunately she kept them in a paper bag in the front room, and so Emelia has gone through the bag and "rediscovered" these toys, leaving them strewn on the floor. These toys apparently have their purpose renewed, and will live in our household for another month or two.

Not so one of her Christmas toys, a talking refrigerator that wished to engage Emelia in learning activities. Emelia didn't understand the requests that the toy was making, for example, to find a food item beginning with a certain letter, or if she did, wasn't able to comply. But she enjoyed hearing the earnest voice, and kept going back to it. It was magnetic, so naturally we stuck it on our refrigerator. Alas, the toy was small enough to be carried, and solid enough to really smack against the hard kitchen floor the several times Emelia dropped it -- it took quite a beating in a very short time. Kathy was able to revive it once, but couldn't make it work again the next time, and apparently Emelia started freaking out when Kathy couldn't get it to work. So Kathy put it in the trash, part of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach that you can mostly get away with at this age (sorry Josh and Kim, but she really did love it while it lasted). The little lettered food magnets remain on our refrigerator, and Emelia is content to play with them.

I feel badly for the refrigerator, obnoxious though it was -- it "died" unfulfilled. It never got to be played with as it was supposed to be, except when Kathy or I would help put the right object into it for Emelia. It never really got the chance to help Emelia with her letters or food identification. Poor mistreated (though at least not neglected) toy.