Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Yesterday I drove back from Connecticut. Other than a couple of hours in heavy rain, it was an easy drive -- there weren't many cars on the road until early afternoon, and by then I was into Maryland. I made the trip with just the dogs -- with Kathy working Monday through Wednesday, we realized that taking one more day off (today) meant that she didn't have to go back to work until the 7th, and she decided to spend those days with her folks.

So today was the first day back in the office in nearly two weeks. And among all the other things I was doing at work, I couldn't help but notice that I was hungry, despite having eaten a normal sized lunch for me. I guess it's no surprise that all those days of hanging around my in-laws' house, with tons of snack food and sweets readily available (not to mention beers to try), had gotten me used to consuming a lot more than I ordinarily do during the day. And that hadn't been the only source of disruption to my generally healthy eating habits -- during the preceding month, there had been our annual party plus leftovers, office holiday parties, and candy all over the office. And it's a given that I need to revert to my pre-holiday intake pattern ASAP, lest the consequences overwhelm me. So while the hours passed at work, I did my best to avoid the vending machine, all the while conscious of how close it is, and how easy it would be to grab an extra bite. Tick. Tock. Somehow I made it through the workday without any snacking -- success!

When I got home, I ate the last 6" of the Subway sub I'd purchased on the drive home yesterday. Then I had a little bit of the ridiculous amounts of chocolate lying around the house. Then I went over to Tom's, taking a beer and an unopened package of Hanukkah M&M's that my friend Barrett had given me. Tom didn't eat the M&M's, but I did -- I figure I ate about five ounces, plus some cheese and crackers Tom offered up. So much for success. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. Sigh.