Sunday, January 27, 2008

For Anyone in Need of an Emelia Fix

Here are three photos taken over the last 10 days:

She's growing up so quickly. There's the physical sense -- she seems to have hit a growth spurt in the last month or so, so that she's outgrown many of her outfits ridiculously quickly. She's gotten her molars in, and is finding it much easier to eat foods she used to have difficulty with (today she ate grapes for the first time without us needing to peel or break them up). Plus as these photos show, she's not a baby anymore -- she's truly a little girl.

There's also the mental sense -- she understands so much, and is rapidly improving her communications skills. Her favorite new word is hat, and she's perfectly willing to put anything on her head, be it a pot or a dog bowl, and call it a hat. Another word we hear constantly is "mao" -- she's become a cat fancier, and anytime she sees a cat a big smile appears on her face, and she calls "mao" (she hasn't got the "e" sound in there yet). We've gotten her a couple of toy cats, and on Friday Kathy got her a knit backpack with a cat face on it -- Emelia is smitten with it.