Monday, October 31, 2005

Maybe Not A Trick, Definitely Not a Treat

When federal workers were offered the chance to be detailed down to New Orleans to deal with the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, tons of feds signed up -- in fact, many more signed up than were needed. Today I got the following e-mail from the head of my agency:
From: xxxx xxxxxx
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005
Subject: Support for the Reconstruction of Iraq

The United States is engaged in supporting the Iraqi people as they rebuild their economy, government, political institutions, and essential services. The President has called upon all Federal departments and agencies to support the rebuilding of Iraq through details of Federal employees to the Department of State's Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO). Federal employees detailed to IRMO will have a unique opportunity to achieve concentrated skill development while serving our country and the Iraqi people. Detailed Federal employees must have a security clearance at the SECRET or TOP SECRET level as required by IRMO.

Detail Opportunities: Listed below is the type of knowledge and skills IRMO is seeking for these elite assignments:

1. Knowledge of contracting practices, methods, and procedures.

2. Knowledge of budgeting and financial management.

3. Skill in using database management systems. Ability to analyze data and develop conclusions and reports. Experience with Microsoft productivity applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

4. Knowledge of government, ethics, and policy, gained as a member of a U.S. Bar with experience in the field of ethics and good government.

5. Technical knowledge of an essential services sector, such as telecommunications, oil, power, electricity, transportation, water, sewer and sanitation, and the distribution of subsidized food, medicine and consumer goods. Knowledge of management concepts and practices, especially related to engineering and design projects. Expert knowledge of analytical and evaluation methods in order to conduct large scale studies.

6. Knowledge of program planning, requirements, management, operations, and problems in an essential services sector, such as oil, power, electricity, telecommunications, transportation, water, sewer and sanitation, and the distribution of subsidized food, medicine and consumer goods. Knowledge of related finance, management, and planning in developing countries. Knowledge of governance concepts and structures, and experience working with governments.

7. Knowledge of counter-terrorism/special operations (CT/SO) programs, objectives and policies. Ability to develop a CT/SO unit and build a CT/SO training facility.

8. Knowledge of a wide-variety of national security affairs including structures, policies, and issues regarding police, border and internal security, and facility protection. Skill in institution building that creates stable, accountable, professional, and effective internal security institutions. Knowledge of analysis methodologies and processes.

9. Knowledge of critical communications networks and telecommunications, especially First Responder Networks.

10. Knowledge of firefighting and emergency response infrastructure. Ability to manage large contracts in these areas.

11. Knowledge and ability to manage complex scientific programs engaged in technology transfer.

Assignments: Each employee can expect to be detailed for 6 months to 1 year. Throughout the detail, each employee will continue to be employed by their current agency as a Civil Service employee with no break in Federal service.

Pay and Benefits: The employee's agency will be solely responsible for each employee's compensation and benefits, including but not limited to locality pay, danger pay, post (hardship) differential, the employer's portion of benefits, and premium pay authorized and approved under U.S. Office of Personnel Management rules and regulations and agency and Embassy Baghdad policies. Each employee will be entitled to a Home Visit once every six months, which the employee's agency will fund.

Approval: Employees must first discuss their interest and have approval from their supervisor and Bureau/Office Chief before applying for an IRMO detail.

Questions: Employees may contact zzzz zzzz, Human Resources Management's Point of Contact at xxx-xxxx for further information on how to apply for a detail with the IRMO. Also, additional information can be found at

Thank you.
I gave a lot of thought to signing up for Katrina clean up -- I didn't have to think about this one for a second.