Sunday, October 16, 2005

How To Treat A Cold

When cold symptoms hit, get something into you to prevent post-nasal drip.
Get plenty of rest.
Don't spend an afternoon at a party.
Don't drink beer at said party.
Don't go to a meaningless soccer game in the evening.
Don't go to a concert after the soccer game, especially when the featured band doesn't take the stage until 11:30.
Don't attend the concert at a venue that permits smoking.
Don't stay up once you get home from the concert in order to type up a blog entry.

On the whole, 1 out of 8 isn't too bad, is it?

On the bright side, if Kathy or my folks want to yell at me over this, my ears are still ringing enough from the concert that I doubt that I'll hear them that much.