Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween on the Hill

The term "inside the Beltway" has gained some meaning to the outside world -- the Beltway refers to I-495, the road that surrounds Washington, DC and its immediate suburbs. So when "inside the Beltway" is used, it refers to the mindset that separates DC from the rest of the United States. That midset has to do with politics, and how people inside the Beltway generally respond differently to political events than do people in the rest of the country.

At times it seems that Capitol Hill, where we live, has a hyper-political perspective that exceeds even the rest of the area inside the Beltway. Such perspective can be reinforced by various stimuli, and one that did so to me this weekend was a rather liberal take on Halloween.

Take a look at the standard Halloween scene erected in this yard a few blocks from me:

Now look a bit closer at some of the gravestones:

On another side of the house they even had a last-minute addition:

At least such sights demonstrate that Washingtonians have a sense of humor. It may be a little more pointed than humor elsewhere, but it's something.