Monday, September 19, 2005

Traveling Fool

August 6 was the last Saturday that Kathy and I slept at home. Since then, we've been in Copenhagen, London, Wilmington DE, Minneapolis, Woodbine MD, and Oakland. I have no out-of-town plans for this weekend (though I'll be in Denver the following weekend), but I have to admit that if I had the opportunity, I might take it -- surprisingly, I'm not sick of it (though I haven't asked Kathy if she's ready for a breather). I've been having a blast going from place to place, seeing neat stuff, getting together with friends (something I've done in each of the places we've visited), and drinking the local beers. Wilmington was to meet up with Kathy's family (her grandmother lives there, and her folks and sister came down). We stayed with a college friend of Kathy's in Minneapolis. The trip to Woodbine was to visit friends about an hour from here -- they're in the middle of nowhere, so it was almost a retreat (plus, we were able to bring the dogs). Oakland was for a presentation Kathy had to make for work that I decided to tag along for. All of it has been lots of fun, so I suppose it's no wonder that I'd be up for keeping on going.

So much to see (and do), so little time.