Saturday, September 24, 2005

San Francisco Morning

Last Saturday while we were on the other coast, we had plenty of time to kill, with no idea how to spend it. We ended up taking the BART over to San Francisco, exiting at Embarcadero. We walked toward the Bay, and were delighted to come across the market in full gear. We wandered through the artists' tents, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted one that looked interesting. I got Kathy's attention and we wandered over there, delighted by the colorful whimsy we saw. We contemplated a number of them, but in the end we bought a print of the one that first drew our attention:

I'm not sure why we like it so much -- Kathy said it's because we're couch potatoes who love nature. Perhaps, but I think there's more to it (though I could be wrong -- the artist had a sign up that said, "My paintings don't have deep hidden meaning unless, of course, you find some"). We need to get it framed, then figure out where to put it.

We wandered deeper into the market, which was taking place outside the Ferry Plaza.

The market wasn't limited to art, as the bulk of it was actually focused on food. Where there's food, you'll invariably get lots of people, plus a large number of other interested parties:

Beyond the market was the bay, and the great weather we had (at least in the morning -- it clouded up in the afternoon) made for some spectacular views, and brought the boats out.

After hanging around the Ferry Plaza, we made our way up the Embarcadero, the walkway along the Bay, to just short of Fisherman's Wharf, before turning back. We then made our way to a brewpub, followed by meeting up with a friend of mine from back home, and hanging out with him for the rest of the day.