Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pregnancy Neuroses of the Week

Not that I have any experience in dealing with a pregnant wife, but I have to say that all things considered, Kathy is handling the whole pregnancy thing pretty well. One thing that really had been bothering her was the lack of symptoms. No morning sickness or other nausea, no aversions, no cravings, and no changes to her libido. One day when she didn't eat lunch before 2pm she started experiencing some double vision, but that's been the extent of it except for being tired -- she's been sleeping very well. In the last couple of days, she's been really tired -- either napping or going to bed quite early -- and that is what's finally convincing her that she's pregnant. Of course, she could always fall back on the two positive blood tests for verification, but apparently she really isn't ready to rely on science (never mind how she got pregnant in the first place).

Then there's the issue of what to eat. We eat fairly healthfully, and have for a number of years. But then these evil books say that she needs to get enough folic acid, or else the baby(ies) will never learn to walk properly and only be able to say "duh." And if she doesn't get enough calcium, the baby(ies) will develop fine because they'll suck it from Kathy's bones, leaving her doomed to osteoporosis. And she needs to get enough warrantium, gypscenium, borponastrum and dihydrogen monoxide else the baby(ies) will grow up to be lumps of coal. Et cetera ad infinitum. There's certainly the possibility that she's not getting enough of certain vital nutrients, despite our best efforts. As to whether she is, there's a wealth of info out there, much of it contradictory; there's a slew of pre-natal vitamins, but the fertility clinic told us they wouldn't prescribe any -- that's for the regular OB to do (keep reading); and she really needs all these vitamins and minerals, but somehow women have been giving birth to babies for thousands of years and have gotten along fine without the insane amount of pre-natal care and advice currently available. As you can see, this neurosis is every bit as much mine as it is Kathy's.

In 10 days we go in for the sonogram to see how many babies there are, and if everything's going ok. Assuming all systems are go, we then leave the care of the fertility clinic, and Kathy starts seeing a regular OB.


Mary P said...

"Symptom-free pregnancy". Heehee. Except for the little symptom(s) within.

Not everyone gets morning sickness, lucky them, but even if she does, it's too soon just yet.

This is only the very, very beginning. Such fun awaits: dodging smokers, being the sole non-drinker at a party, and listening to the heaps and heaps and heaps of unsolicited - and conflicting - advice. Woo-hoo!

So what you need is comic relief. I suggest Nancy White's CD, "Momnipotent: Songs for Weary Parents". I received it when my eldest was a toddler, and I give it to all my new parents, because it's at your most stressed that you most need to laugh!

Q said...

One of my children grew up to be a lump of coal. It probably was the borponastrum, come to think of it ? I hadn't made the connection.

LoryKC said...

(Note to Kathy: sleep NOW!)
Aaron--let her sleep! Actually, I had a similar beginning with our first. The whole drive home from work, I would try to figure out how much napping I could do when I got home and still go back to bed and sleep all night! Just don't try to give her alternatives. Tim kept trying to tell me if I'd get out and run a mile or two, I would have SO much more energy! (I REALLY wanted to throw something at him but I was just too tired!)
Congrats again!