Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Night, Another Meet-Up (or, Revising #91)

He says we'd gotten together since my wedding, but we both agree it'd been over five years. And I know it'd been two years since we'd spoken. There hadn't been an incident that precipitated a falling out. It was more my getting tired of always being the one to initiate communication, and when I stopped doing it and he didn't say anything, eventually I grew indifferent. After the e-mail I sent him on a whim bounced, I called him up to wish him happy birthday. We talked for a while, and he said a conference was bringing him downtown all this week (he was wrong, but it did bring him to a much closer suburb). So on Wednesday night, I got together with my best friend from high school, someone who lives in the suburbs of DC.

So much of the conversation during dinner and afterwards was recountng the past, and so much of it was catch up. At times we slipped into familiar patterns, like him talking all serious until I inserted a silly one-liner that sent him off on a tangent. But while the manner of communication seemed familiar, much wasn't. We're different people than we were when we last saw each other. He's got three kids now, and the oldest is 10. I'm not a newlywed -- I've been married for almost six years. He's much more a part of my past than any part of my future, and we'll have to see each other more frequently if that has any chance of changing. We're both interested in trying to make that happen, so we'll see.

One thing our meeting means is that I'll have to revise my 100 Things About Me -- over 36 years to come up with the list, less than two weeks before I needed to revise it.


John Hart said...

So, is he going to make the reunion?

Can you send me his new email?

Lory said...

Next time y'all get together, please tell him I said hello!

(Hi to John too!)