Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It Definitely Could Be Worse

  • Furnace problems last night, thought we fixed 'em.
  • No hot air coming out this morning, time to call repairman.
  • Stay home until repairman's assistant comes, here by 9am!
  • Fixed by 10:15, head to work by 10:20, in before 11.
  • Kathy and Emelia get home to find house smelling of gas.
  • I call repairman, who agrees to drive the hour to check the furnace.
  • We go to Brian and Elisabeth's, the couple we share the nanny with, for pizza and put Emelia in the Pack and Play (where she refuses to sleep).
  • Repairman arrives, sees problem (assistant stripped the valve when reinserting it), apologizes profusely, but needs part that he can't get until tomorrow morning.
  • Furnace is shut off -- no danger to us, but no heat until tomorrow.
  • I open doors and turn on ceiling fans to air place out.
  • Get Kathy and Emelia.
  • Emelia falls asleep immediately in her own crib.
  • Tonight's forecasted low, in early February, is a delightfully unseasonal 54 degrees.