Thursday, January 11, 2007

12 Things to do Before I Die

In the realm of firsts, this past year I obviously became a father for the first time, but I also grew a beard and skydived (skydove?). All told, 2006 was an impressive year of firsts. But never mind what I've already done -- what are some of the things left for me to do?

1. Visit all seven continents (so far, visited N. America, Europe, Asia)
2. Dip my toes in all four oceans (so far, Atlantic and Pacific)
3. Run a marathon
4. Attend a World Cup match outside the U.S.
5. Place a wager of at least $1000
6. Live in the Country
7. Swim with dolphins
8. Attend the Kentucky Derby
9. Attend a boxing match
10. Try Absinthe
11. Render a verdict in a trial
12. Meet with my Congressman (or Congresswoman)