Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yellowstone Revisited

In 1989 during our cross-country road trip, Pete and I visited Yellowstone. There were two distinct reasons why that experience was less than ideal. First, record wildfires had hit
Yellowstone the year before, and blackened forests were everywhere. Second, we had no clue what we were supposed to check out -- we saw Old Faithful, saw the charred forests, figured oh well, and moved on down the road to the Grand Tetons. But Pete now lives just 90 minutes away from there for almost a decade, and he knows what spots to check out, which made our Sunday day trip far better than the first visit.

Sure there's Old Faithful, but there are many other geysers plus additional geological oddities in the area.

On this trip, we knew to check out "the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone," complete with waterfalls.

And as most of yesterday's Yellowstone critter pics show, we also knew to visit the Lamar Valley, which is replete with animals.

Pete took me out the Northeast Entrance, so we could travel the Beartooth Highway. The road climbs several thousand feet (and the temperature drops 20+ degrees) through switchbacks to end up back in Red Lodge, Montana.

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Did I mention there was a brewer's taphouse waiting for us on the other side?