Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Critters From the Weekend

Tomorrow I'll post some of the scenery I saw during my visit to Montana and Yellowstone, but today I decided to focus on the myriad critters we saw over the weekend.

Along our first hike of the weekend we saw dozens of snails scattered along the path.

Butterfly, or moth? Regardless which, it's Pete's latest fashion statement, and one he paraded about for several minutes. For a while, we thought he'd acquired a new pet.

Pete has bunnies that visit his yard. I didn't have my camera when a couple of them were playing -- one lunged and the other leapt over the first as if they were in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rabbit.

The rest of these were taken in Yellowstone on Sunday:

We saw lots of buffalo, but this is the only shot that included a calf.

This coyote was being chased by an antelope -- seems like they got their roles mixed up.

And speaking of antelopes, this one was just hanging out.

Moose! At least, it's supposed to be a moose, though in this picture it looks more like a horse.

An osprey in flight, one of several we saw (we also saw a few nests).

That blurry brown spot in the middle is supposedly a Grizzly bear. It was at such a distance that we couldn't see it clearly even with binoculars, but people around us with 20-40x scopes said there were three of them there.

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The strangest critter of all from that weekend, a Petus goofius.