Thursday, April 20, 2006

Never Any Doubt

Yesterday we went in for another sonogram, and despite any lingering worries we had, everything checked out fine. We didn't get a good angle to see what sex the baby is, but that's not important to me -- basically we've made it through the first trimester, and though that's no guarantee, it's yet another milestone we've gotten past. We're both feeling more positive as the possibility of becoming parents has become a likelihood.

When it comes right down to it, however, there's no reason we should have been concerned -- on Sunday Kathy had been told by a psychic that the baby would be fine. And not just any psychic -- Kathy and her sister (Suz) went to the same psychic at Eastern Market who, as far as Suz is concerned, successfully forecast her life for about one year a couple of years ago. Never mind the fact that the psychic had to be told that Kathy is pregnant. Once that was worked out, the psychic informed Kathy not only that the baby will be healthy, but also that it probably is a girl, will probably be born in November, will get along well with both parents, and be a lot like Suz. The psychic also said we'll have another baby in two years.

Today's Top 5 Reasons I'm Still Stressing (fully recognizing that I worry too much):
5. Lots to do to get the house ready (all those projects we've put off that need to be done in the next six months).
4. Money to pay for #5.
3. The feeling that I need to cram the rest of the life I'm used to into the next few months.
2. Mary P.'s wonderful advice covers toddlers, not newborns.
1. Worried that I'm too set in my ways to adjust to being a parent.