Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Better When I Laugh

I don't generally discuss my job, because (1) much of what I do is confidential; and (2) I've read horror stories about people getting fired for what they post on their blog. Most of the time there's not much to tell -- it's usually fairly boring to anyone who isn't involved with it (as Kathy would undoubtedly assure any skeptics), and for that matter, it's often boring to me. That being said, there are some days when I wish I could share with folks some of the absurdity I face at work, in the forms of substantive decisions (occasionally), procedural hoops (often), or management (usually).

Maybe it's the advent of spring or the clocks changing, but whatever it is, the past couple of weeks have seen a sharp uptick in the ridiculous. I have done my job, and given my recommendations, as I am supposed to. If The Powers That Be make what I consider to be poor decisions despite my best efforts, I can rage, moan, complain, stress, or get frustrated or angry at their decisions. Historically, this is what I've done, but for whatever reason, this time I'm mostly laughing (together with similarly affected co-workers) at what's going on around us. It seems that given the absence of effect I'll have either way, I might as well gain some enjoyment, rather than unneeded anxiety or stress, from the circumstances beyond my control.

Whether I can maintain this relaxed outlook remains to be seen, but Spring is beautiful right now, which should help provide some perspective should things continue as they have been.