Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Unquiet Evening

My friend Margie drove through town over the weekend, arriving Sunday night and leaving the next morning. She's found a job in New Hampshire, and was moving up there from North Carolina. Margie has stayed with us often, and we have found her to be the consummate low-maintenance houseguest.

One of the wonderful things about Moji (a nickname she got in college, maybe to be told another time, often shortened to Moj) is that she loves animals. When she comes to town, she often brings rescue animals that need rides from North Carolina to the DC area. This time, however, animal rescue was seeking a driver for six 3-month-old, alleged German Shepherd pups, to take the dogs from North Carolina to New Hampshire (and a couple of cats to take to Delaware from NC). Moj couldn't say no, and even rented a trailer so there'd be room to put the dogs in the cab of her truck. She was also bringing one of her dogs and two of her cats (her husband is still in NC with the other dog and two cats). She tried to find someone associate with animal rescue to house them for the night, but we told her we'd welcome them -- if she's going to do all that driving with and for them, the least we could do would be to make things as easy on her as possible. So for the record, the population in our house that evening was 3 adult humans, 4 cats, 3 adult dogs, and 6 pups.

When Moj arrived, she and Kathy let the pups out to go to the bathroom, but either the cold or the location didn't appeal to them, so only a couple of them peed. Until they got into the house. Within the first five minutes of arrival, we cleaned up four pees, and six poops. Then they had dinner. Then we cleaned up another six pees and six poops, followed by a couple more pees and poops during the rest of the evening. Other than the use of our house as a giant bathroom (an activity repeated this morning), however, the damage caused was surprisingly light -- a chewed electrical cord (though still functional and no shock was applied) and some damaged dog toys was pretty much the extent of it. And of course as puppies they're ridiculously cute, a trait that I'm sure Darwin would argue was for survival of the species.

As for our dogs, Junebug was largely bemused by all the puppyish activity, watching most of the activity while on a chair. Meanwhile, Nora wanted nothing to do with them, occasionally barking at their playing and frolicking -- the poor pups didn't understand why a dog just their size might not be up for joining in the fun.