Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lessons in Silence

Thanksgiving 2005. We're not in the car with the family much, but when we are there is constant talking. It doesn't have to be about anything, so long as someone is saying something. If I didn't know better I'd be able to think that maybe it's because we're together so infrequently, there's so much ground to cover. But not only do I know better, so would anyone who listened to the discourse.

August 1989. J pisses me off with her flirting. I really like her, and she knows this, so when I get rebuffed by acting on it, I spend the next day's 12-hour drive from DC to Jacksonville avoiding saying anything to her, though I don't hesitate to talk to M & D, who are also in the car. Later on, when I ask J about it, she says she didn't even notice.

September 1991. Something I said or did at the Outer Banks has pissed ex off, so during the entire ride back from the Outer Banks, she doesn't initiate conversation or say anything to me except in response to direct questions. Later on, when ex asks me about it, I tell her truthfully that I didn't even notice.

June 1995. N and I are driving around Wisconsin and throughout the various drives she's not speaking. I repeatedly ask what's wrong, and she repeatedly says nothing. I'm not sure I believe her until after we've broken up.

Anydrive with Kathy. Sometimes we talk, and sometimes we're silent. The silence occurs when neither of us has anything to say.