Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Web Access at Work (or not)

Got into work today, and my gmail access was on the fritz. And then I could not access it. I got "access denied" messages. All morning long. So I was all set to write a post that bitched about workplaces that don't let you have access to your e-mail account at work. Then I did lunch with a co-worker who said he'd been on gmail that morning. When we got back to the office, he confirmed that yep, no trouble, even though I still couldn't get on. WTF? So I re-booted, and then my access was fine. So much for having something to write about.

Still, I figured I should post, if only to say that I won't be posting for a few days. We're heading out of town tomorrow night, and won't be back until Monday evening -- cue the Barry Mannilow, 'cause it's gonna be Weekend in New England.