Thursday, November 03, 2005

The End of Daylight Savings

I love daylight savings time -- I'm pretty light sensitive, so it's quite preferable to have the sun enter the bedroom window at 5:50 in the summer rather than 4:50. And like most people, I enjoy coming home with a little bit of light left in the day. Still, the end of daylight savings has its charm as well. Somehow the very first day, always a Sunday, feels noticeably longer, stretching the weekend out just a little more (I have to note that while this is usually a very good thing, this past Sunday, I wanted time to move faster, not slower, while watching DC United's season come to an ugly end in a 4-0 thrashing). The other thing the end of daylight savings brings is a brief window of beauty as I'm leaving work. For the first two weeks after reverting to standard time, when I walk out of my building at the end of the work day, I look to my left and get to see something like this (admittedly, sometimes it looks more purplish):

Obviously that's the view to the West. Then I walk about 15 yards, turn to my right (East) to head for the Metro (or to walk home), and see this:

In a couple of weeks the sun will set too soon to catch the afterglow of the sun, but for now I have another reason to celebrate leaving the office each night.