Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Give Me $100,000

That's all I'm asking from whoever decides to take this great idea for an invention and run with it. It's really very simple.
  • Babies like motion -- parents across the millennia have had to rock and pace their babies for hours upon end to get them to sleep.
  • Babies are soothed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. The loud white noise calms them very effectively.
  • Parents have little desire to carry their babies while vacuuming every evening.
Thus, there needs to be a Roomba with a cradle on top of it. It should definitely have the feature that's now standard on most Roombas of returning to its base every evening. There's going to be massive demand for a product that enables parents to relax while their floors are cleaned and their babies are gently put to sleep, which will make someone a millionaire. Unfortunately, being a new parent leaves me with little time to promote and market this product, so I need to let someone else get rich -- all I'm asking for is $100,000.

* * *

Speaking of businesses, in my last post, I dissed Pfizer, and on the very next trading day, its stock declined over 10%. I had no idea that I had such a significant readership, but now that I know, I need to learn how to harness the power of this blog.