Saturday, July 01, 2006

Assistance, Please

The technician at the most recent sonogram, upon Kathy asking if it was a boy or a girl, replied, "I don't see any boy parts." And so in this fashion we learned that in all likelihood we are having a girl. Last weekend Kathy and I pored over long lists, searching for a name that appealed to us both. After much deliberation, we settled on a name. Which is to say that I've settled on a name, and Kathy hasn't yet signed on. But with assistance from the readers of this blog, I have no doubt that I can convince her that the perfect name for our daughter is Kickass.

Now I sense some hesitation among a few of you, but hear me out.

  • We both want a confident daughter, one who won't be intimidated by the world around her. Kathy wants a name that has a meaning along those lines. As a point of reference, Kathy has rejected names of flowers or jewels because they don't convey "strong woman" to her. I submit that Kickass conveys confident, strong woman.
  • We don't want a common name, and Kickass is anything but.
  • If we also select a middle name that begins with E, her initials will be KEG, which is perfect for the daughter of a beer geek.
  • She would have to behave in school, as every teacher would be watching a kid named Kickass like a hawk.
  • Stepford Moms would keep their daughters away from a girl with the name Kickass, thereby making it more likely that Kickass will develop friendships with real people.
You'd think that the sum of these reasons would be enough to sway Kathy, but so far she's remained steadfast in her opposition. So if you can think of any others, please post them (along with your support). The sooner we can get this settled, the sooner we can turn to other matters regarding our child's future, like when she should get her first tattoo, and what it'll be.