Thursday, March 30, 2006

Together We Can Make a Difference

"Be Part of the Radio Ratings!

Whether you listen a little, a lot, or not at all, you're important. Yours is one of the few households in your area chosen to tell radio stations what you listen to."

-- Letter to me dated March 9, 2006

Yes, right after a post where I stated that "I don't like the narrowly formatted music that plays on DC radio," we've been selected for the Arbitron radio survey. Call me skeptical, but I'll be more than a bit surprised if any local stations "respond to your input by improving their programming," as Arbitron's website states. Still, it's no big deal for me to do it even if I don't think it'll matter, so we signed up. Our participation runs for one week, beginning today.

Kathy's selection is going to be pretty boring -- WAMU, WAMU, WAMU, and maybe, just maybe, WAMU (one of our local NPR stations, which carries this scintillating, mostly news/talk programming). As for me, I'm going to make use of the Internet -- the FAQs state that radio that I listen to over the Internet should be recorded the same as over-the-air stations. Today at work, I listened to KCRW (Santa Monica) and WFUV (NYC), both of which are NPR stations, just ones with music I actually like.

If anyone has recommendations, lemme know -- maybe I'll check them out and get them included in my survey response.